Why and how of blush on!

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Why and how of blush on!

Make up has gone through an evolution. From sandalwood, vermillion, coal and juice of mulberries and raspberries to modern cosmetics that includes liner, mascara, lip-gloss and lipsticks of uncountable shades and colors. In the midst bombardment of lip colors and various exotic ways of eye makeup, blush on has somehow lost its importance. Well, truth must be told that blushers are the most ancient form of make up to embellish facial beauty to many folds by adding crimson color to the cheeks. No matter how extraordinary your eye makeup is and how brilliant your lip color is, your final get up is incomplete with a touch of blush on your cheeks. Blush on has evolved and no longer remains in its basic color of red and pink rather various light and dark shades of all colors are available.

How to apply?

Why and how of blush on!

The important question females in all eras asked is that what is the perfect way to apply blush on? The answer is usually dependent on the contemporary trend of that era and most importantly on the occasion. It is preferred to apply light and soft color blushes during day and go for more bold shades for night gatherings. Moreover, applying blush on is greatly dependent on your face cut because the way you apply your blusher will define your face cut and might make you look fat, round or oval shaped face. Here are the following steps you must follow to apply a good blush on

Why and how of blush on!

  • Choose a good quality blush brush.
  • Choose the blush color according to your skin color. Do not choose a color that would stand out on your skin color.
  • Always apply blush on the last.
  • Blend a bold color with some pale color to give a balanced look.
  • Apply blush from middle of cheek towards up.
  • Make sure that light is proper while you are applying blusher.
  • Start with a light blush and then add more color according to your look instead of starting with heavy coloring.
  • In case, you feel that you have applied too much color then lighten it by applying translucent powder.

Memory lane of blushers

Why and how of blush on!


Rogue was a symbol of elite class females or low class dancers and entertainers. But it has risen above and proved to be an essential compound of makeup.  Then came the time when cheek color was considered to be the sign of health and prosperity. Flushing cheeks were then associated with shyness and love. Later on, it was considered to shape up the face cut and give a sleek look. Nowadays, it is important ingredient in makeup. Contouring is also a modified form of blush on, only it is done by more tan or bronze color to give a slim face cut.

Why and how of blush on!

Truth be told, blush on can never lose their place in completing a lady’s look. Whether it’s natural flush on your cheeks due to cold or because of your flourishing health or because you applied a little amount of rogue, believes it that you will look fabulous even without any other cosmetics.


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