Make Your Occasion Eventful With Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Hands

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Pakistani bridal mehndi designs

The arrival of spring and summer season is Pakistan marks the beginning of the season of parties, events, functions and weddings. People often wait for the spring season to arrange their weddings as it’s a season of flowers, love and enjoyment. For Pakistani girls and ladies, applying mehndi is an integral part of their festivity. There no event is complete without applying beautiful mehndi designs on their hands, arms and feet. It’s a part of Pakistani culture and tradition.

Pakistani bridal mehndi designs

Especially during the function of wedding, mehndi function marks the start of the wedding event. This is an event specially designed for applying mehndi on bride’s hand, her sisters, cousins and friends. The brides often visit the beauty parlors to have beautiful Pakistani bridal mehndi designs made on their hands, arms and feet. They can also choose the Arabic designs which are quite famous now days. The bridal mehndi designs are specifically tailored and reserved for the bride. The sisters, cousins and friends of the bride often gather together at home and they look out for beautiful mehndi designs for hands which they later on apply on their hands or hire a mehndi professional for the purpose. All the women of the family irrespective of their age are quite enthusiastic about the event of mehndi. Beautiful yellow and green dresses are tailored to compliment the occasion of mehndi.

Beautiful mehndi designs for hands

Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-azha is another big festive occasion on which girls and women of every age seek to decorate their hands with charming mehndi designs. Even kids are very enthusiastic. They keenly participate in the pre-eid activities and love to decorate their hands with mehndi designs for kids hands. There are many different kinds of simple mehndi designs for kids hands are available online or their mothers take them to the beauty parlor where mehndi professional girls apply them with expertise and precision.

Simple mehndi designs for kids hands

simple mehndi designs for kids hands

Applying mehndi has no age. It is a religious tradition as well. So, all the girls and ladies love to have their hands filled with beautiful and alluring mehndi designs on different occasions and events.

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