Glamorous New Bridal Mehndi Designs 2014

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New Bridal Mehndi Designs 2014

Mehndi or henna is especially popular in Middle East and in India and Pakistan. Girls and women of all ages love to adorn their hands, arm and feet with stunning mehndi designs no matter what is the occasion or event. In the past few years, the trends in mehndi designs have undergone a diverse change. In the past, girls used to make simple mehndi designs which mostly covered the middle of their plan and the tips of their fingers. But now they like to make intricately made new mehndi designs which cover whole of their hand on both sides, half of the arms and feet as well.

Mehndi Designs In 2013

In the new era, mehndi designs have set a new trend. They move from very simple to complex, making it easy even for the immature to try out mehndi designs with new and innovative touch. In the year 2013, mehndi designs were lifted up to the new heights of creativity. The girls used to fill up their mehndi outlines with different colors of glitter glue mehndi which gives a dazzling look to the new mehndi designs 2013 for hands. The designs made on the hands, arms and feet of the bride were often fills with golden or silver glitter or any other color to match her wedding dress. Floral and linear patterns were made which had shading in them which highlighted the mehndi design.

New Trends of Mehndi Designs In 2014

In this year, the trend in new bridal mehndi designs 2014 is to accessories your mehndi design with diamantes, stars and other small beads to decorate the pattern of mehndi design. This has added a glitz and glamour to the bridal mehndi designs. Now you can find many small decorations in the market which are especially available for enhancing the look of your mehndi designs. You can add them to your mehndi patterns to make them prominent and dazzling. You can find many different designs online which demonstrate use of different things to accessorize your mehndi design.

So, let your imagination fly this year and try out new and creative things with the patterns of your new mehndi designs for year 2014 and gleam others!

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