Marriage Dresses

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Marriage Dresses

Marriage Dresses
Marriage Dresses

Wedding dresses or marriage dresses are clothes that brides use to wear on their wedding event. Style, color and ritual importance of the dress or wedding gown is dependent on the culture and religion of the participants of marriage. In western cultures and trends, brides mostly opt for a white marriage dress that was made very famous in the 19 brides often chooses red marriage dress to symbolize a grace.

Marriage dresses in western culture

Weddings in the middle ages were mostly more than a union among two people. Marriages were more a part of politics rather than a love mainly among supercilious higher classes of society. Hence, brides were expected to wear a dress according to the way the cast their relatives in most befitted and light social status. Brides from the rich families used to wear exclusive fabrics and full of colors. Brides were often seemed in bold and versatile colors and layers of silk, velvet and fur.

Marriage dresses in eastern culture

Many marriage dresses in Pakistan. China, India, Vietnam (cultural form of “ao dai”) and Bangladesh are red, which is traditional and cultural color of auspiciousness, good luck and success. Current days, a large number of ladies prefer other colors as well beside traditional red. In modern societies of Chinese weddings, brides can have the choice of western dresses in any color, which is later changed and replaced by any traditional outfit in formal tea ceremony of marriage.

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