Winter Skincare Tips

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Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips
Winter Skincare Tips

Cold and clear days in winter season cause rosy red cheeks to many people. Winter season also cause your skin of feet, hands and face to dry and rough. This issue becomes very irritating for some people even worse than normal dry and tight skin. Here are we go to present some effective solutions for skincare in winter season.

Keep wearing gloves

Skin of our hands I s much thinner than rest of the parts of body. Also, it has lesser oil glands which make your hands less moisturized in season. This dryness and roughness can result in cracking and itching. Ensure to wear gloves whenever you go outside.

Protect your skin

Most of people avoid using sunscreen in winter season but actually it is needed more in winters. Try to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen especially on your face and hands which are exposed most of times. If you are staying outside for longtime, you must reapply the sunscreen.

Avoid applying peels

If your face skin is extraordinary dry, stay away from masks, alcohol based astringents and such other peels. All these can remove and reduce essential oils from you skin.

Keep your feet greasy

Lotions containing mint ingredient is beneficial for summer season, but for cold months of winters, your feet will require some thing stronger. Always choose the lotions and skin products which enclose glycerin and petroleum jelly instead. Keep using exfoliates to get rid off dead skin periodically, which helps moisturizer to penetrate in skin faster.

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