Mehndi dresses of Pakistan

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Mehndi dresses of Pakistan

Mehndi dresses of Pakistan
Mehndi dresses of Pakistan

Wedding of two people is a much celebrated function in Pakistan. In fact in every country there are different traditions that are followed while celebrating weddings. The families of the couple to be wedded start preparations for the wedding ceremonies months before. Only after a lot of planning and timely arrangement there results a perfect and a memorable function. The wedding comprises of mayoon, mehndi, baraat and walima. One of the most important parts in the preparations is to get ready the dresses for the big occasion. Talking about the Mehndi dresses, they are mostly yellow, orange and green in color or a beautiful combination of these. This is because they are considered to be the traditional Mehndi colors. The Mehndi dress is not that fancy as the dress for the next day occasion that is baraat or walima that follows it. Similarly the bride’s make up for the Mehndi function is also done in lighter tones. Other colors that can be a part of the Mehndi dress are red and purple. They look good in contrast with the yellow and orange of Mehndi dresses. As far as the style of the dress is concerned, it is obviously not a lehnga that is worn on the Baraat day or Walima function. The Mehndi dress is mostly a long shirt with a churidaar pajama. The shirt can be decorated with embroidery and themirror work. All of this adds charm to the dress. So this was a little information on Mehndi dresses.

Here is latest Mehndi dresses of Pakistan’s for you.

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