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Accessories are usually the inconspicuous but most important elements of an outfit. With the right accessories, almost any outfit can be turned into a perfect eye-catcher.

The range of accessories is extremely wide and does not stop at handbags, belts or shoes. Especially in nail design, women are increasingly offered opportunities to perfect their style. Nail wraps (Nagelfolien in German) are a new accessory for nails: super thin and self-adhesive foils, which are placed on the nails. The nail wraps are available in many different designs, so that women can complement any outfit with the right nails.

Blikka, a young brand, is a trendsetter in nail design. Customers find on a wide range of different designs/styles for all sorts of events: official occasions, office, party, shopping, beach holidays, etc.

The application of nail wraps is very easy and convenient: clean the nail and place the nail wrap on the nail and that’s it. The advantages over nail polish or expensive nail studio visits are apparent: No waiting, no blowing on drying nails, no smearing, no re-application. The foils are very thin yet super robust and are long-lasting.

Blikka – easy to make your outfit perfect. Look better, feel better. Easy said and now so easy done.


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