Dancer & Choreographer Aathira Rajeev’s Charisma Enchants Los Angeles

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Aathira Rajeev

Not all artists are endeavoring to be soloists in front of an audience. When you major in an art form like dance at an establishment like Broadway Dance Centre, you’re getting a certification—and the sort of employments you could book with credentials like that in the long run hold and go long ways past the stage and studio.

Aathira Rajeev

“Movement, instructing, coordinating, and creating are generally alternatives,” as are promoting your performances to the world and additionally working more, says Aathira. But at the same time she’s also sure to bring up that since you have a dance degree doesn’t imply that you can’t seek after other professions and careers, such as making a beeline for school for a Masters certificate in another major eventually. “I think the magnificence of a career and passion for performance is that every individual lives and likes such different things because art itself isn’t just one category: Who you meet and the activities you become associated with can prompt conditions and openings that would never have been anticipated and if their in other sectors of performance arts that you like, follow them. And follow them with a vengeance till you’re the best at what you do.”

Aathira Rajeev

As for Aathira? “I realize that later on I would love to do more and venture into all forms of art if I can do that because there is truly nothing I enjoy more as a career.” (over her enthusiasm for performing for an audience and dancing, Aathira is additionally an actor, model and adores spending time with animals!)

Aathira Rajeev

Recently, Aathira starred in a recent music video by the top rated Artist Mickey Singh in his debut album Magic. She choreographed the track ‘Yarri Yeah’ and it is now a national hit polling highest among other tracks. Aathira’s work is at the point where millions of followers from different countries have set eyes on it and appreciate her talent. And not just in her movement and technical capabilities, but also as a charismatic artist who does nothing but influence and inspire her viewers.

Aathira Rajeev

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