Easy Ways to Remove Hair Dandruff

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Easy Ways to Remove Hair Dandruff

Easy Ways to Remove Hair Dandruff
Easy Ways to Remove Hair Dandruff

It can be said that dandruff is one of the major hair problem that damages your hair and inhibit its

healthy growth. If u have ever surprised about the white particles coming off head, here is hint about

that: it is not due to seasonal changes but its dandruff. Hair specialists are mostly asked about this

troubling problem comparatively other issues. If you are serious to get rid of it, here are some easy

solutions need to be followed.

¸ Hair dandruff is not caused by hair but is caused by dead skin cells shed by your scalp. Wash your hair regularly about 2-3 times in a week

¸ Baking soda is also named as natural dandruff remover and is used in a large variety of use Rather than shampooing your hair, massage your scalp with one tablespoon of baking soda in moisturized hair. Wash it after 1 minute and watch magic.

¸ Stay away from stress as it can become a reason of hair dandruff. Deal with stress in effective and healthy ways.

¸ Beside its use as conditioner, it is also used as one of the effective dandruff removing agent.

Wash your hair and apply plain yogurt into scalp. Leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse and wash again with shampoo.

¸ Divide the two aspirin tablets in a napkin or thin cloth. Crush it to obtain a powdered form with hammer or iron pan. Add this aspirin into your daily shampoo instead of ingesting it. Leave it for two minutes and then remove.


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