Shape your nails

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Shape your nails

Girls take a lot of care of their pretty hands. They use a lot of moisturizers and other creams to give a soft look to their hands. The other important aspect of having pretty hands is that how much your nails are neat and how beautifully they are shaped. Your nails’ shape tells a lot about the way you care about your nails beauty.

Shape your nails

There are five basic shapes that you can give to your nails with ease. These five shapes are:

  • Square
  • Oval
  • Rounded
  • Squoval
  • Pointed

Square is the most common type of shape that girls use to give to their nails because of the broad beauty it provides to someone’s nails. Square shaped nails are best for broad nail bed. So, if your nail bed is broader then let’s learn the ways of giving square shape to your nails.

Shape your nails

Nails filing task is immensely easy for anyone who wants to give a shape to her nails. There is no need to visit a parlor which charges a lot of fee. All you need is a good quality nail file which may give your nail a classy look with great ease.

Shape your nails

First file the nails’ both sides in a straight manner so that they become perpendicularly leveled to each other and then straight the top side of the nails according to the perpendicular sides created by the nail file. Now you have your square shaped nails ready for yourself on which you can apply your favorite nail polish which will surely look great on the square shape you created.

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