Simple Mehndi Design for Girls

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Simple Mehndi Design for Girls

Simple Mehndi Design for Girls
Simple Mehndi Design for Girls

Mehndi is basically described as an impermanent sort of decoration and ornamentation particularly applied on feet and hands. This is the fact that every girl and woman in this world is extremely found of mehndi and mehndi designs. These beautiful designs play a vital and very important role in several ceremonies and functions such as Eid festival, weddings, henna functions, parties and similar other functions.

Mehndi is usually used and applied by every age and stage of girls predominantly in Asian countries such as in versatile Pakistan, United Arab of Emirates, India, Bangladesh further divided into types e.g. Indian, Arabic and Pakistani mehndi designs. Mehndi is getting popularity in the western countries as well where it is habitually known as henna tattoos. But whenever we talk about mehndi and its charming designs, it is most worthy to mention the Pakistani designs of mehndi which are famous in all over the world among other mehndi designs of varying regions according to recent survey.

Mehndi designs of Pakistan are mainly categorized in two different types; mehndi designs of Eid and bridal mehndi designs. These delightful designs are applied in different themes such as flowers, simple and heavy designs etc. In Pakistan, functions and occasional parties and thought incomplete without using amusing mehndi designs especially on the hands of bride on weddings. The trend and fashion of unique and simple designs of mehndi are becoming more and more renowned because simple designs of mehndi give natural and gorgeous appearance to hands and feet.


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