Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs

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Mehndi is not only for celebrations but Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs are a part of daily routine now. Typical Saudi mehndi designs are very popular among women of all ages. Girls and women love to clad themselves in simple yet elegant designs. Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs are essentially take their inspiration from Arabic designs which are equally popular in other countries. Arabic designs are usually larger and mostly floral. Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs are applied mostly in black and dark brown color. Older women simply paste mehndi, especially on their feet. But, girls obviously like to have something elegant and beautiful on their hands.

Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs For GirlsSimple Saudi Mehndi Designs are not just confined to hands but women also apply them on arm, feet and legs. Wedding and Eid celebrations cannot be complete without mehndi clad hands. On weddings, mehndi is applied not only on hands, arms, legs and feet but sometimes they go as far as applying it on the shoulders or exposed part of the back as well. The designs for brides are usually more complicated and intricate, filling as much as possible, leaving no gaps in between.

The design for hands depends on the costume and jewellery being worn by the bride. If the dress is short sleeved, the arms are beautifully adorned with mehndi. The same goes with the feet as the design covers the exposed area of the feet, depending on the shoes the bride is going to wear. This art needs practice and time. It is quite a painstaking procedure which demands patience if not accuracy. Experts and professionals spend hours and hard work to create beautiful and Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs.

Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs For Full Hands

With the changes in trends the Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs have also evolved over a period of time. These days girls prefer to have simpler but stylish designs. Experimenting with the same shapes and lines in a different way leads to new designs. Latest Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs not only have traditional henna but also glitter and colorful beads and jewels sometimes. These additions not only look beautiful and colorful but they also add a touch of modernity. The Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs now look more stylish and up to date. People like them more than ever as they look different.

Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs For Legs

For every day wear, simpler designs are popular among the women. The designs without any complications are in, as most of the women and girls can apply them at home and don’t have to go to the professionals or parlors for the purpose.

Trendy but Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs are the craving for young generation. Like the tattoo mania in the western countries, mehndi is the counterpart for the eastern youth. A major benefit of mehndi is that it is not permanent or harmful. Saudi ladies love to apply mehndi even for casual functions. Usually, on girls night, it is the most common thing to hire an expert who adores all the guests with intricate and stylish mehndi designs. It is an exciting experience. Even the elderly Saudi ladies are seen with mehndi clad hands and also mehndi pasted on their feet.

Simple Saudi Mehndi Designs For Back Hand

That makes mehndi a fashion equally popular among young and old people. Fusion of old and new has made mehndi designs look modern. Blending Arabic designs with designs from other countries like India has made trendy Saudi mehndi designs look even trendier. The large patterns of Arabic designs combined with the intricate and fine designs from the sub continent make a perfect combination for any occasion. Trendy Saudi mehndi designs give a classic look, but at the same time, give a stylish look also.

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