Sonakshi Sinha- An Actress of Great Talent

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Sonakshi Sinha- An Actress of Great Talent

You would have heard that “Great actors are born not created or trained”. Some actors are liked and followed till they are active in the industry but some are remembered even after they are no more in this world. One of those actresses who have proved themselves not by their look but by their talent is our very own “DABANG GIRL”, Sonakshi Sinha.Sonakshi Sinha- An Actress of Great Talent

She is daughter of famous actor Shatrughan Sinha who is remembered for his famous dialogue “KHAMOSHHH”. She has attended many of her films’ promotion campaigns and has hosted some of the award functions with great confidence.  Prior to starting her acting career, she had been a costume designer in the film industry.

Sonakshi Sinha- An Actress of Great Talent

She made an unforgettable entry in film industry by acting in a leading role with Salman Khan in her famous film DABANG which made directors’ heads move towards her to cast her in their films. Due to the versatility of her acting style, she even got recognized by being awarded with best debut actress in film fair awards.

Sonakshi Sinha- An Actress of Great Talent

After her first film, she did many popular films in her career with the top ranked star of film industry. Since her start of career, she has won many awards and has been nominated in a lot of award categories. She never ceases to amaze her fans with her versatile sort of acting in every film whether her films got hit or not. She always manages to get some really good remarks about her work.

Sonakshi Sinha- An Actress of Great Talent

She is well known for her work in promoting love for animals. She has even helped the organization of PETA to advocate about care for animals. If we consider her personal life then it would not be an exaggeration to say that she has succeeded in avoiding all the controversies against her. She is not only a great actress but also a role model for all the girls who want to pursue their career in Bollywood.

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