Styles of Abaya

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Styles of Abaya
Styles of Abaya

Abaya is a traditional dress for Muslim women. It is essentially worn in Arabic culture but nowadays it is gaining popularity in other parts of the world like South Asian countries. Normally abayas are worn to cover all body parts of women but some women wear gloves and cover their face as well in addition to abaya. As abayas are getting famous day by day in our country so they are now available in a large variety of colors and different styles. Simple abayas are used as casual wear whereas fancy and embroidered abayas are worn as party wear and in wedding ceremonies as well.

These days’ abayas are not just about covering the body but it has become a part of fashion. That’s why many famous designers are also including different styles of abaya in their collection. Many stylish and colorful abayas are seen in markets which grab the buyer’s attention. Different styles of abayas include embroidered ones; they are worn casually as well as formally. While fancy abayas are more commonly worn as party wear.  Jilbab abayas are long and loose fitting abayas and are famous among Arabs. Gulf style abayas are usually available black colors and covers head to feet, they are worn in Gulf region like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and Iraq. But trend of Gulf Style Abaya is commonly increasing in Muslim women of Pakistan and India. Abayas are unique because they cover all the body parts and also give a stylish look.


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