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Muslim women all around the world cover themselves up by doing Hijab. The Abaya is a part f Hijab just like the scarf used to cover the head. It is like a long gown that covers all the body except the hands and the feet. In the past Abaya design was quite simple. Since the Abaya is mostly black in color, so it makes it look even more decent and plain. But today there are many designs of the Abaya and they look quite graceful on the woman who wears them.

Different colors of the Abaya

Now apart from the typical black Abaya, you can also get Abayas in blue, purple, green  and grey colors. These colors are commonly seen today and there is a variety in their shades too. The Abayas may also be decorated with colorful and shining laces on the borders of the hands and neck. They make it look beautiful and different. Sometimes little sequences are also used in combination with the laces.

The Burqa

There is also a kind of Abaya that is worn by women in Afghanistan. It covers the face of the woman completely as well. It has a net material on the area which covers the face and is meant to allow women to see through it. This is also known as Burqa. So these are some of the unique styles of Abaya.

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