Top 10 Alcoholic Celebrities Of Bollywood

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People get addicted for alcoholics for copying fame and success different life disasters. Some like to take alcoholics for fun or to sit with high class people. We hear often about celebrities that they caught by camera in drunk state but these new don’t affect them because in rich communities this is quite normal thing. Today we are going to share with you top ten alcoholic celebrities of Bollywood that caught drunk on Cameras.

Sharukh Khan:

sharukh khan in drunk state, Drunk Bollywood Celebs Caught On Camera

The King Of Bollywood is badly addicted to Alcoholics and it is reported that in party which hosted by Sanjay Dutt, Sharukh Khan beat up his good friend Farah Khan’s Husband in drunk condition.

Sanjay Dutt:

bollywood drunk celebrities, Sanjay Dutt Drunk

Sanjay Dutt caught in cameras in drunk state after attending the birthday bash party of Ranbir Kapoor. Guards guided him to his car and he was about to drive the car after getting so much drunk.

Amisha Patel:

amisha patel drunk, drunk celebrities on tv

In Private Party Amisha Patel was caught for taking one after one glass of wine. After that, she was looking so drunk and was not in her senses.

Suzanne Roshan:

SUZZANE ROSHAN DRUNK, drunk celebrities interviews

Hritrik Roshan Ex. Wife Suzanne Roshan was caught in so drunk condition when she was leaving the success party of “Deepika Padukone” for her movie “Cocktail”.

Sonam Kapoor:

SONAM Kapoor drunk, drunk driving celebrities

This image of Sonam Kapoor when she was enjoying a private party and got so much drunk and later her friend leaked these images on social media.

Salman Khan:

salman khan drunk, celebrity drunk driving accidents

The Dabbang Khan is so addicted to alcohol and there are very news about that he mostly lost his temper in parties after getting drunk and his fight with Sharukh Khan is a big story between all others.

Manisha Koirala:

manisha korala drunk, celebrity drunk drivers

We all know that Manisha Koirala is so much addicted for Alcohols, she recently faces cancer disease, and now she has recovered. However, she again spotted drunk on the opening ceremony at Versova.

Ranbir Kapoor:

ranbir kapoor drunk, celebrities drunk in public

Recently Ranbir Kapoor gets angry on Media by capturing him in drunken state and he snatched one of the cameras of camera operator and talked so rudely with him for making photage of him.

Kareena Kapoor:

kareena kapoor drunk, celebrities drunk on talk shows

Camera caught the naughty bebo “Kareena Kapoor coming with his husband “Saif Ali Khan”. She was holding his hand and was not looking in her senses.

Deepika Padukone:

deepika padukone drunk, Top 10 Drunk Celebrities on TV

In private Party Deepika Padukone snapped with holding Glass of Wine with his boyfriend Ranveer Singh.

Well these news are not embarrassing for these celebrities if the caught on camera, they name this to class and they get addicted to these alcoholic with proud.

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