Top Ten worst celebrity makeup disasters That Looks Horrible To Camera

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Ashant’s Worst Eye makeup, celebrities makeup games

We see always celebrities on screen by perfect makeup that always inspired their fans but sometimes the garnish their faces with horrible touch up that makes their looks so horrible. When these make up disasters catches on the camera then it becomes news for fans to see their real faces behind always makeup covered faces. Today we decided to show you some shocking and worst celebrity makeup disasters that would be interesting for you to see.

Miley Cyrus Worst Makeup Malfunction:

makeup disaster bollywood celebrities, Miley Cyrus Worst Makeup Malfunction

We always see the Miley Cyrus in different avatars, she dares to get different haircuts and makeup ideas that always inspired her fans a lot but last day in a event fans get shocked to see her in extra powder puffed makeup face.

Emma Watson In Horrible Makeup:

celebrities makeup transformation, Emma Watson In Horrible Makeup

The Beautiful and pretty Emma Watson was caught at red carpet event with almost horrible makeup. Her makeup artist used black and shine gold yellow color on the edges that was looking awkward.

Jodie Marsh With Awkward Eye Makeup:

celebrities makeup looks, Jodie Marsh With Awkward Eye Makeup

In recent event all camera were on Jodie Marsh by seeing her wearing such a ugly makeup. Her beautician was failed to give her good eye makeup according matched with her dress, the light purple shade over the eyes was looking so weird.

Angelina Jolie makeup disasters:

Angelina Jolie makeup disasters, worst celebrity makeup disasters

The gorgeous Angeline Jolie recently spotted with biggest makeup disaster of her life. She was looking that she left the parlor in hurry without seeing her face in mirror after last touch up. The powder was shinning in her face, which was giving her extra whitish look in the pictures.

Rihanna’s Shocking makeup:

Rihanna’s Shocking makeup, celebrities without makeup

In this picture, you will see her in a makeup that is making her face so dull and you will amazingly thinking about who has done makeup of Rihanna, defiantly, needs to learn how to do make over.

Amy Winhouse Hilarious Makeup:

Amy Winhouse Hilarious Makeup, celebrities makeup looksWhen you will see this photo then you can’t control you laugh by seeing her hilarious makeup that is completely disaster. The eyeliner on the eyes is looking so rough and bold to her looks.

Ashant’s Worst Eye makeup:

Ashant’s Worst Eye makeup, celebrities makeup games

Sometimes you can’t imagine to see the celebrities in such a worst makeup when they always need cares about in front of cameras. In this image, there must b inexpert person behind Ashanti’s makeup who don’t have sense to use the colors.

Christina Aguilera Overloaded Makeup:

Christina Aguilera Overloaded Makeup, male celebrities makeup

Sometimes over loaded makeup makes your looks so weird and the same is this with Christina Aguilera below image. It shows that she covered her face with many layers of makeup and beside that, she looks beautiful she is looking horrible.

 Catherene Zeta Johns Enough Shinny Face:

Catherene Zeta Johns Enough Shinny Face, celebrities makeup brands

 Catherene Zeta Johns used in plenty skin highlighter on the face that is shinning all over her face, all cameras must be thinking that may be she is inspired with alien’s character of Avatar.

 Courtney Love With Loud Makeup:

 Courtney Love With Loud Makeup

Some celebrities need learn how to take makeover matched with their growing age. In this image Courtney Love may forget that is not 18 years old now and she need to take graceful makeup.

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