Top Ten African Rappers Who Rock The World

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Rapping is the rhyming lyric that makes you swing. Rapping is different from spoken word based on the poetry in which it is performed in time to a beat. Rapping is often associated with hip hop music. South African music is largely composed of hip hop elements. The English verb rap has various meanings, such as smart, light, and quick. Rapping can be traced back to its African roots. Centuries back in time, hip hop music existed in the sands of West Africa. They were delivering stories rhythmically over drums and sparse instrumentation. So, we can say that origin of rapping is Africa.

Now, we are going to discuss top ten African rappers. Following are top ten African rappers’ names:

1. HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula)

2. D black

3. M.I

4. Zeus

5. Sasha P


7. Nameless

8. Dama Do Bling

9. Ikechukwu

10. Tumi

Hip Hop Pantsula

HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula)Jabulani Tsambo or Hip Hop Panstula is South African Motswako hip-hop MC who frequently performs in native language Setswana. Mostly people like the accent of the HHP; they love his voice and he rocks the world of rapper fans in South Africa.Panstula completed his high school in Pretoria. He started his career from Verbal Assassins. In 1999, he and his friend met a famous producer who produced their debut album named: Party. However, the band split soon after the release of Party. Panstsula had his next album and then his way to success started.

D black

D black Wall paperVinicius D’ black is a singer, songwriter, record producer and Brazilian actor. Vinicius Cardoso de Abreu known as D’ black is a Brazilian singer known for his love songs. Mostly his musical influence includes R & B and Soul allies. D black is also in top ten singers and his fan following is countless. Vinicius began singing at the age of 10 from school life. Later, in teenage he joined music school and started taking singing and piano theory seriously. He made it up to top 20 finalists which brought him fame. In 2003, he formed his first musical group called “A4” with four singers started facing teen audience with romantic songs.

M. I

M.I`Jude Abaga is known as‘M.I’ or the layman name ‘Mr Incredible’. He is a Nigerian hip hop artist. He has won several awards. He rose to prominence in 2006, when his song “Crowd Mentality” became all the rage. M.I has his distinct style that makes him famous. Jude was born in Jos. Jude began his music career from Nigeria and started mixing tapes with his friend Djinee. ‘Safe’ brought fame to his album ‘Let’s Talk about It’. He was also a judge in a singing show ‘Glo X-Factor’.


ZeusGoabaone Bantsi is more famous by the name Zeus; he is a hip-hop artist from Motswana, a MC and also businessman. Zeus released his debut album ‘Freshly Baked’ in 2008 which included the hits ‘Back in the days’ and ‘Gijima’. In 2010, he was ranked 7thRappers. His family caters varied tastes in music; his mother has a religious inclination for gospel, father is an admirer of country music, brothers like hip-hop and dancehall while the sister admires R&B. He grew up with these varying tastes of music. In 2000’s, as a teenage he seriously started taking Hip-Hop as a passion. In 2008, his album struck the music charts.


NamelessDavid Mathenge is renowned by the ironic name Nameless; he is a Kenyan pop artist and is famous all over the world. He started from a contest on Kenya’s urban music station 98.4 Capital FM; there he stirred everyone with his original song “Megarider”. He later recorded the track and it went on to be hot on the charts for weeks.


African rappers and poet TumiHe is one of most renowned African rappers and poet. He is the lead vocalist and a first-rate rapper. Molekane was born in Tanzania while his South African parents were exiled there. In 2005, he graced the world with “Trade Winds” working with Main Flow. In 2006, he published the sensational album: ‘Music from My Good Eye’. He is also working with others to create exceptional music. Rapping is an art and all of us should learn to appreciate it!

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