Trend of Wedding dresses in Pakistan

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Trend of Wedding dresses in Pakistan

Trend of Wedding dresses in Pakistan
Trend of Wedding dresses in Pakistan

In Pakistan, wedding is the name of colors, style, fashion, glamour, rituals and tradition. Pakistani weddings are actually the event to display latest trends and style by the families. Talented designers of Pakistan are now specializing in designing couture’s exclusively for weddings. From low-budget to expensively heavy dresses, all kinds of options are available.

Gowns, frocks to sarees and lehngas all are ready to wear. Friends and family of bride and bridegrooms also enthusiastically take part in selecting the dresses. Moreover, they can also choose their outfits from the outlets that are offering protagonist’s dresses for their big day.

Sub continental influence on the designs

Trend of Wedding dresses in Pakistan
Trend of Wedding dresses in Pakistan

Pakistan has been a part of India before 1947 so it has inherited many similarities in culture, tradition, rituals and even in dresses. So wedding dresses in Pakistan have roots from India as ancestral influences, however we are evolving very creatively and smartly. Sarree is an Indian dress that is quite famous among Pakistani girls that some of them like to wear it on their big day. Red or shocking pink is the color a bride has to wear necessarily on wedding day or on day of Nikah is also something we have inherited form India. Most girls prefer to wear Indian jewelry on their weddings because they look sensual beautiful and delicately gorgeous. Indian Mehndi is famous because of its intricately designed patterns that make the hands of a bride quite impressively attractive and distinguished.

Bridegroom’s dress vs. bride’s dress

We usually think that men’s shopping is precise and definite based on some easy, quick and simple decisions. It’s always the women that take all attentions, time, style and glamor in functions like weddings. Well this trend is changing a lot since past decade. Now men are curious about their appearances as well and they do pay a good amount of heed towards appearances, dresses and every other detail. Wedding dresses in Pakistan are now available for men with attractive variations and awe-inspiring designs. We have a lot to choose from that we feel in middle of nowhere sometimes. From color to detail work of sequins, stars, buttons, sleeves and cufflinks all have been gone through so much process and selected from the different varieties to make it more unique and stylish. Usually, sherwani, shalwar and kurta are Pakistani tradition, however, some people like to wear western clothes on their desi wedding yet it has so many variations and combinations that one has to think real hard before going to buy.

Weddings in Pakistan

Weddings are just not an event or a get together of family and friends rather it’s a sacred bonding between two different people who promise to stay together through thick and thin. In Pakistan, weddings are being celebrated with zest and zeal, all the hype of dresses and fashion is just a way to endorse the relationship of two people warmly. Whatever the dresses bride and bride groom may choose, may they be happy together on their big day.

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