Useful Tips To Remove Mehandi Design Easily

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If you are bored with your designs of mehandi on your hands then no worries you can remove them easily whenever you want to. Mehndi lovers who want to get new mehndi designs on every function they used to apply many tips to remove previous mehndi design from their hands. Normally after two or three days of applying Mehndi, it looks so bad when the color of mehndi getting fade slowly and it takes two weeks to vanish away completely from your hand.

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How To Get Rid Fade Mehendi Color?

When we apply henna mehndi designs on hand it soaks onto the upper layer of skin and stick to keratin. Mehndi has temporary color and it takes its own time to fade out, but if you are in a hurry and to remove it you can use these useful tips to get rid of it.

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  • Bleach Cream:

This is very efficient method to get rid of your mehndi patterns or henna tattoos on your skin immediately. Take any bleach cream that is easily available to you and prepare it properly. Apply bleach on designs of mehandi with brush and make it dry. After 10 minute wash the area covered with bleach, and you will clearly notice that you mahendi color is now become fade.

  • Baking Soda Plus Lemon:

It is a very easy method, take small quantity of baking soda and appropriate amount of lemon to make a thick paste of it. Apply it with brush or cotton at yours beautiful mehndi designs and wait for 10 minutes to make it dry. Rinse your skin after some time and you will see the results after removing the paste that your mehndi color is light now. Don’t forget to apply lotion or moisturizer on your skin after this.

  • Warm Water:

Take warm water in a bowl and dip your hand or feet into it for 10 minutes and after that rub your skin by using soft towel. After rubbing your skin softly with towel, you will see the mehendi’s color like rough skin on your hand is now removed.

  • Toothpaste:

You will not find such an easy method to get rid of yours old henna mehndi designs. Apply toothpaste on your mehndi patterns and leave it for some minute to make it dry. When it becomes dry on your skin wash it with water you will see your mehendi color is now in light tone.

  • Hydrogen Per Oxide:

This method is perfect for all types of skin tones, apply hydrogen per oxide by soaking it with hydrogen per oxide on your hand. After few minute it becomes dry and on washing hand, you will notice the lightening of your mehendi color.

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