What Can Make Your Hair Fall Out

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What Can Make Your Hair Fall Out
What Can Make Your Hair Fall Out

Many people are facing different hair problems such as hair dandruff, hair whitening, hair splits etc. But the most seen problem in these days is hair fall out. People often don’t take care of their hair as compare to skin and other parts hence hair remains ignored. There are numerous reasons and key elements what make can make your hair fall out.

Excessive hair styling

Excessive and long time styling, dyeing and shampooing can create harm to your hair roots. Chemicals heat usage badly damages the hair and causes it to fracture and then fall out. It is often a combination of various factors such as keratin treatments, drying, and coloring for any event that destroys the roots of your hair.

Warning Sign

If the hair loss is happening due to the external element such as tight and excessive styling then it will break up simply and you can not see the curve shaped telogen bulbs at the end of the hair.

Avoid to secure

You must avoid using the applications of heat to your hair that make turn your hair into grass. Manage the settings of your blow dryer on the low or cool settings and try to reduce the use flat irons which are not beneficial for hair. The coloring of hair is also one important reason what can make your hair fall out. Dyeing and coloring the hair in different shades can destroy and diminish its natural color which can not be healed easily. More the extreme change you make in color, more chemicals will be put on your hair that becomes responsible for hair falling and breaking. Also, try to minimize the use of different hair products such as hair shiner and hair gel. if you use these hair sprays and hair gels, be sure to not let it dry before combing and brushing hair as hair will be harder and more likely to be broken.

Skin Conditions of the Scalp

An unhealthy and damaging scalp may cause serious irritation which makes it harder for hairs healthy growth. Skin conditions and circumstances that can lead to hair fall out consist of fungal rigorous infections such as ringworm, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff).

Warning Sign

Seborrheic dermatitis results in shedding of skin of scalp that can be noticed by having yellowish and greasy scales in your hair and on your shoulders. It may be the outcome and effect of excess oil in your hair, hormonal changes and yeast called Malassezia. Another condition is psoriasis which creates a very thick scale of white color on scalp which can further bleed when pulled off. Ringworm is fungus which spreads by touching infected person and cause red patches on scalp that can be diffused.

Way Out to this Problem

Each and every condition mentioned above needs a prescription or treatment. Medicated shampoos are available for seborrheic dermatitis while psoriasis can be resolved by light therapy and medications, for ringworm on your scalp; you may go for oral anti-fungal.

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