Why Does Hair Fall Out

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Why Does Hair Fall Out

Why Does Hair Fall Out
Why Does Hair Fall Out

A problem of hair fall out can be seen prominently in women and men both. A person often loose 50 to 100 hairs normally, in a day that is considered natural and usual statistics. Now-a-days question regarding hair loss revolves around one common question i.e. why does hair fall out? With approximately 100,000 hairs in our scalp, this estimate of hair loss or fall out should not create an obvious thinning of hair in our scalp. With the passage of time or aging, hair starts loosing their thickness.  Most of the women face this issue at the age of 50 around, but hair loss can occur at any period of age due to several reasons. The most important are given here:

• Physical stress such as trauma, can take the person in to shock. So, excessive release of different metabolites and hormones can lead to the hair loss phenomena.

• Deficiency or lack of specific nutrient and vitamins can also be a reason of hair fall out. This deficiency can occur due to malnutrition, biological or genetic disorders and improper diet as well.

• Excessive inhalation of drugs such as anti-coagulants, hormonal therapies and thyroid drugs can rise to sudden falling of large number of hairs from scalp.

• One of the most common and existing reason of hair fall out is a hereditary situation or condition that is called as female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness. In genetically vulnerable and sensitive people, specific sex hormones strengthen a certain method and prototype of hair loss or fall out permanently. This type of hair fall out may get start mostly from in teenagers particularly in men. Hormonal imbalances and changes can result in temporary hair fall out. The reasons can be childbirth, pregnancy, onset of menopause or discontinuation of birth control polls.

• Chemotherapy mostly used to inhibit growth of continuously increasing cancer cells can also inhibit the other cells such as hair follicles leading to falling out of hair.

• Numerous infections can cause hair fall out but the most common ordinary infection is ringworm which affect hair and scalp. It can be noticed at any stage.

• A person having an autoimmune disease such as arthritis and diabetes often faces the hair falling because in these diseases, body’s immune system obliterate its own healthy tissues necessary for hair growth.

• Some infection like ringworm may attack and destroy your hair and delicate skin of our scalp which can lead to hair loss eventually. Your hairs can grow back if they are treated and tackled.

• The tight hair braids and painful pulled back hair style such as pony tail can result in hair fall out typically at hairline of most of women.

• Improper function of thyroid gland is also another reason why does hair fall out. Thyroid glands are responsible to help in regulation of hormone levels essential for our body. However, if these vital glands stop to work effectively, it will lead to hair fall out.

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