Abaya’s Trends | Top Brands for Abaya

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Abaya’s Trends | Top Brands for Abaya

Abaya’s Trends | Top Brands for Abaya
Abaya’s Trends | Top Brands for Abaya

Abaya Then and Now

Abaya is a simple loose over garment, usually worn by women in the Muslim countries and also in the places like London, Birmingham and Bradford. Abaya are not restricted, as there are also some large Muslim communities, the number of women wearing Abaya is increasing day by day and it is also worn with a niqaab. Niqaab is a piece of garment used to cover the face. Traditionally abaya are black large squared piece of garment draped from the shoulders or head as a long caftan. The abaya covers the complete body except face and the niqaab covers the whole face except eyes, while some women also used to wear black gloves to cover their hands as well.Abaya’s Trends Top Brands for Abaya 01

In the past the abaya were only in black color and were only worn for the purpose of covering the body but nowadays the abaya are there in many different styles and different types of garments like georgette, chiffon and crepe to give a beautiful flowing look of the fabric, some are of different styles like some are open from front and some are from behind, open as in to give a look, not really opened. The styles and fashion of the abaya vary from region to region.

Different types of AbayaDifferent types of Abaya 00

Nowadays there are several types of abaya available in the market; it is like clothes for the women, like they change their whole wardrobe according to the fashion/trend are the abaya now. Latest abaya designs that are in the fashion are preferred by the women. Abaya are of different types, made of different fabric, different colors and different styles. Some women go for abaya that are having embroidery on them and some form the abaya having laces and handworks of different types. Abaya are there for low prices and also very expensive abaya.

Abaya’s Trends NowadaysAbaya’s Trends Nowadays 00

Best options for the different abaya are available in the market of the latest fashion. There are many designers, designing different styles of abaya after a certain time period. Many famous designers of abaya are from Saudi Arabia, from where the trend of abaya starts, and now Dubai is also becoming the producer of abaya. There are many designers which are designing and producing latest abaya. Different latest abaya styles include different fabric styles and different designs of embroidery. The trend nowadays is of printed abaya, printed abaya are in fashion, as the young girls prefer printed abaya for casual use as well as for party purposes.

Top Brands for AbayaTop Brands for Abaya 00

There are many brands and designers for abaya. All of them design different styles abaya. Some of the brands and there abaya are as follows. EFFA is a famous abaya designer brand in United Arab Emirates, Sweety Abaya is also a UAE based famous brand, Al-Motahajiba is also a famous brand for abaya, jalaibiyas and sheilas, having outlets in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco and Oman, Dar Al-Hazar is also a UAE based brand for ladies fashion in casual and party wearing abaya, Dar Al Malika is also from UAE based brand producing ladies casual and formal trendy abaya from 2005, Slouchy’z is also a brand founded by the famous designer Maryam Selaich in Dubai and the last but not the least Velvet Abayas that is famous and like by all over the world, it is a Kuwait based abaya brand.

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