Get wild and crazy with zebra nail designs!

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Get wild and crazy with zebra nail designs!Get wild and crazy with zebra nail designs 05

A woman should be two things: classy and fabulous and for this she needs to look graceful from her attire. A perfect selection of clothes, makeup and hair design is not enough until or unless her nails don’t look good. The fashion of nail painting has introduced many designs in the industry with the most popular one being the zebra nail designs these days. Girls who like to opt for funky look or who wish to have to have a safari theme on the occasion list usually like this design. Though zebra nail designs are available in market but they are expensive and no even available to suit your taste. So we have jot down the necessary information that can be of help for girls who can sit at home and get beautiful, attractive zebra nail designs.Get wild and crazy with zebra nail designs 10

First of all the things required are a simple nail polish remover, a thin brush, base coat color, and a top coat. Now if you have already applied any nail paint remove it completely with the nail paint remover and make sure that the nails are trimmed and clean. The advantage of zebra nail designs is that one can apply it on any base color. You don’t have to be specific and it complements any of you clothes. Yellow, grey, pink and even green would look mesmerizing and gives perfect girly look once stripes would be made on it. In second step apply the base color on your nails and let it dry completely otherwise the stripes would smear with it. Now pick the thin black brush and gently, very slowly start making stripes on your nails. Be careful to make the angle same at every stripe. It is easy but one can practice zebra nail designs on paper first. You can make zebra nail paint design horizontally or vertically or one can also have a “z” or “v” motion on the nails. Once again let the stripes to get dry.Get wild and crazy with zebra nail designs 08

Zebra nail designs is completed with that step but just to make the nails look shiny and more attractive, a one more step is done to give it a finishing look. Apply the top coat on your nails. The above described zebra nail designs are very common now but one design which is gaining much popularity is the one with the design only at the tip of your nail. Here you apply the base coat only on your fingers nail’s tip and then the top coat is applied on entire nail to give glossy look.Get wild and crazy with zebra nail designs 07

The combination of black and white zebra nail design is the favorite of most of the girls to give a realistic touch to the safari theme. Zebra nail designs have given a new niche to fashion experts to work on and paved way for more animal designs to be applied on nails. Zebra nail designs is a very beautiful way to pay homage to zebras and surely the nails do get noticed. So girls go through the instructions and show the world wild and crazy look with zebra nail designs.

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