Dress casual and be smarter

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Dress casual and be smarter

Dress casual and be smarter
Dress casual and be smarter

As it has been said that fashion fades but style remains, this means we have to be stylish and trendy to carry our personality. You can tell a lot about the person according to his/her dressing sense. A person must know that what is appropriate and comfortable to wear in a workplace or in casual gatherings of friends and family. What we need to understand is this that what we wear defines our personality, our workplace and comfort level as well besides it must be acceptable by the surroundings.

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People who are doing white collar jobs are facing real problem in coping up with style and latest fashion as much. What is business casual? The answer to this important question of what to wear before going any casual event varies from person to person. Several researches in this area has shown that white collar job workers do agree on having business casual attire acceptance in workplaces.

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In workplace where people have to interact with many other people from different regions and cultural lifestyle, they must have to wear something that must be socially and morally agreeable. Relevant studies have shown that the concept of wearing a suit or and long skirts and blouse have been evolved and now people are really being enthusiastic about their clothing in work place. Employees have agreed upon business casual such as khakis, polo shirts, chinos and shirts with collars to be wear by men in workplace as they give a sense of style and casualness at once. For women, knee length skirts, blouse, coats or jackets are more appropriate. Agreeing upon same attire means that they want to carry fashion and formal environment of workplace in harmony.

Business casual is a term we use for modern workplace attire. We have come out of the era where men had to wear suit and tie as a necessary outfit when coming to work. People have become smarter then they use to be as they now realize that it is not that formal dressing that counts, rather it is formal and experienced mindset that matters.

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Moreover it has been a consensus that in the daily routine of hustle bustle of our mundane activities, one cannot simply have time to change clothes for events that much faster. If a person has been in business casual and he has to meet his friends’ for a small meet up, then he would not prefer to waste any bit of a time on driving back to home and change and then head towards the destination. As if he would show up in three piece slick suit, that would be inappropriate for the occasion and might give an idea of being superior from his friends. Thus it would be difficult to blend in the circle of friends just because of formal apparel. On the other hand if people wear business casual then they would blend in anywhere at any time without spending so much time in deciding what to wear for party and formal meeting that has consecutive timings.

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