Beauty Tips for oily Skin

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Oily skin is one of the most common skin concerns.It presents some unique challenges like acne and shiny complexion. We Share their top tips for developing the skin care routine.

The result is a simple four step routine you can use in the morning and evening to keep your skin healthy,clear and shine free.


The most important step of any skin care routine is cleansing your skin.If you have oily skin it’s important to wash your face twice a day. Your skin  produces oil at night.  So even if you wash it before you go to bed you need to wash it again. This will help keep your oils balanced , the best oil control cleanser is a lactic acid.These help clean away dead skin cells.

The tea tree oil helps to cleanse skin and moisturize.


Toners serve to control excess oil,keeping the skin moisturized. These water based sprays hydrate the skin. Follow it up with a light moisturizer. By applying an oil free moisturizer and (sunscreen ) you help balance your skin preventing an increase in oil,  Yet still providing enough hydration to prevent your skin from drying out.


Scrubbing is one of the best tricks to keep the less oil is to exfoliate once a week with a mild oily skin scrub. Exfoliating your skin is part of your oily skin care routine. Keep the excess oil in face remove dead skin and clear the pores especially areas prone to whiteheads and blackheads like nose and chin area. Using the scrub your face gently and softly. The best scrub is lemon and sugar scrub.

Apply face pack

Face masks are very effective for oily skin. Applying a face mask once a week. You can choose from a different variety of herbal face packs with organic extracts available in the market for oily skin. You can make the natural face packs at home by using available ingredients at the kitchen so you shouldn’t be left with an excuse for not adding one or more of these  face masks to a daily skin care routine for oily skin.

Banana face pack .

Bananas are very effective in  treating oily skin. Bananas have great anti -aging  properties that help you get rid of  dark spots and brightness of your dull oily skin.Mash a banana and add 2 -3 drops of lemon juice to make a paste. Apply  The face pack on your face for 20 min. Then wash your face with fresh water.

Wearing makeup 

Oily skin can be tricky to figure out, especially when it comes to makeup.Go for oil free make up products with matte finish. Make sure to remove your makeup before hitting the sheet.The skin needs to breathe overnight and leaving the makeup on can clog the pores which may cause blackheads.

Right food and exercise  

Good food and exercise is very important for all types of skin. A diet rich with vitamin c can promote radiant skin. Even exercising regularly can accelerate the cleansing process of your body. You will notice a glow on your skin after working out. Apply a toner to help minimize oil free production before heading out.

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