Body Painting – Depiction of Personality

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Our lives are a constant sequence of God’s gifts. God has blessed us with so many things that we can’t even count them. One of the most precious blessings is our own selves. We are the perfect creatures with nose to smell, tongue to taste, ears to listen, eyes to see, feet to walk and hands to capture.  Our body is a power house which has all the essential elements working in it. It is made up of trillions of cells which are operational in an efficient way making us living a healthy life.

Body Painting Gallery

What is Fine Art?

Fine art is a visual type of art created mainly for aesthetic reasons and appreciates for magnificence, gorgeousness, splendor, loveliness, attraction, articulacy, fluency or self expression specifically painting, graphics, sculpture, drawing, architecture etc. It is an activity requiring enormous expertise and accomplishment. The things produced by this creative art are admired for their beauty; they have no practical use but are used for decorations as they are trendy and fashionable in nature.


Painting – An Expression

Painting is the expression of mind and heart created by using colors to a surface. They can articulate our emotions and thoughts and can simply be enjoyed for its attractiveness. Few paintings are realistic while others are abstract. Paintings are exclusive items with a well-built substantial existence that are also in some manner illusionistic.

Beautify Your Body Parts

Body Art

Body painting is form of body art. Few are temporary and last for only few hours or at most a couple of weeks while some are permanent and lasts throughout the life of an individual. It is practiced in Asian society using “henna” which is also called as “mehndi” traditionally designed on hands on Religious Occasions and Marriage Ceremonies, while in Western society, this art is mostly adapted by having tattoos on body which are considered to be in style and trend of the modern times. It is also used in Performing Arts where artists adopt body painting to show particular statements or emotions to the audience in theatres.


Beautify Your Body Parts

Body painting boosts the functionality of your body parts merely by painting them and adds a note to their uniqueness. In old times, it was wrongly believed that body painting can be done only after undergoing nude or shading your clothes. It’s not right. You can enjoy the ride of body painting only by having a single tattoo on your shoulder, neck or back which will sum up distinctiveness to your personality. Body painting expresses our thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs.


You can have body painting matching your age group. Similarly, you can have different body paintings on different occasions like Halloween and Christmas etc.  If you are young, paint your body with bold bright sparkling colors showing spirits and cultivate the sense of having leader in you. The paintings having water metaphors show cool and calm character while those who having fire or tiger prints on body shows traits of anger and revenge in personality. So, if you have got bored by your routine personality, step ahead and have body painting to fill colors in your life.

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