Latest Trendy Abaya designs-2015 For Girls & Womens

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In Muslim culture, the inclination towards wearing abaya over and above the clothes is very common amongst women. The basic motive of wearing abaya is to cover the body completely. In Muslim culture, the women are obliged to cover every part of their body from every such man who is not his ‘mehram.’ And the ‘mehram’ relates to such man to whom a woman has been married. This culture evolved out of the Arabic women wearing and now it has been adopted by many Islamic countries. So the concept of abaya stands with a very important significance in the lives of most of the Muslim women.

Latest  abaya designs

Abaya is just a long over gown which was previously only considered to be a purpose of hijab. But now with the changing trends and evolution in every lot of wearing, the designs and styles of abaya have also been changed. Not only this, the abaya has also been given a lot of consideration in the fashion industry too. The abayas are present in the market inspired by different areas like the Arabic abaya designs, Asian abaya designs, African abaya design and much more.

Embroidered Abaya Designs for Womens

Embroidered Abaya Designs for Womens

The fashion designers are coming up with lots of different styles of abayas which are now being displayed on ramps in different fashion shows. Since the trend has been evolved, the women who wear abaya can also look fashionable and stylish. Ladies with abayas can enhance their outlook and appearance by wearing different styles of abayas which are available on the markets and on different designer outlets. Designers have come up with designing lots of creative ideas that not only makes a woman looks good but decent and ye it fulfills the requirement of covering the whole body.


modern muslim hijab fashion

Dubai is now considered to be the biggest market of abayas where you can get any style and cut of abaya according to you need. Different abaya designers from all over the world put their abaya designs in dubai markets. As UAE is the hub of shopping in today’s world, it caters to the needs of different people from all over the world. Arabic abaya styles are very common yet popular among the ladies. These are simple full length abayas with scarves. Moreover there is different variety for the formal abayas and the casual abayas for facilitating the customers with variety and opportunity to choose. African abaya designs have also got the formals and casuals separately with a unique collection of party wears too.


The party wear and formal collection of abayas are decorated with embroidery and handwork from different color schemes to give exceptional and distinctive look from the casual ones. They are also being designed using different genre of fabric like velvet or silk to enhance the outlook and appearance. The abayas with velvet patch work are getting very in nowadays as it gives out posh look. Besides all that has been discussed, now abays an also be shopped online. The designers have facilitated the customers with online shopping facility to easily order your favorite abaya which can be readily dispatched at your doorstep.

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