The Lure and Charm of Arabic Mehndi Designs

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Mehndi is a tradition that was born in different parts of the world around different times in ancient history. There have been different trends but mostly this art is associated with the ladies and their obsession with looking beautiful. Mehndi designs become most popular around the celebrations and special occasions like weddings and Eid.

Arabic mehndi designs

Arabic mehndi designs

Arabic mehndi designs are most famous ones around the world. They have earned their fair share of recognition and popularity inside Arab world and outside too. Ladies in other parts of the world are also trying to imitate Arabic mehndi designs.


The tempting color

Other than the Arabic mehndi designs, the most awesome and appealing feature of these designs is their awesome bright red or maroon color. If the color is not bright enough, no matter how skillful and artistic the design is, it will fail to cater the attention of people.


The artistic skill

The Arabic mehndi designs started becoming successful because of their skill and the artistic designs which are drawn with such skill that there are no flaws in the design. It is also important to draw the design with the perfect mehndi tube that is neither too hard nor too soft. If the mehndi tube is not perfect, then even the most perfect design will turn out to be a mess. It is best to check the outcome of mehndi color on a small patch to see if the color turns out to be the way you are expecting it to be on the big day.


Thick and bold

Arabic mehndi designs are usually not that intricate ones that you see on the southern parts of Asia. These designs are usually thick and bold and that is what makes the Arabic mehndi designs stand out among the other ones. But with the changing times, intricate and thin designs are also making their way into the Arab traditions.


Half full designs

Arabic mehndi designs are usually half full and do not cover all parts of the hand. The design is so skillfully drawn that it complements the part of hands that is not covered by the mehndi color and the amalgamation of two gives a nice spectacle.


Not just for hands

One of the good things about the Arabic mehndi designs is that they are not just reserved for the hands. They serve as temporary color and are largely being used on the arms as well as feet. The harmonious design extends beyond the hand and looks stunningly amazing.



Now these designs are largely being drawn in amalgamation with other designs to make even better impressions on the hands and to stand out of the crowd. This is no way demeans the popularity of Arabic mehndi designs.

With a little practice and interest, anyone can easily master the Arabic mehndi designs. Start with the basic designs and with practice, you will learn to apply such amazing designs that everyone will come to you for the favor.

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