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BRIDE or Every girl has a dream of looking most beautiful on the most special day of her life. From the beginning of teenage to this very day she plans for every possible thing she could do to enhance her beauty on her wedding day and create moments that will make this day the most memorable day of her life. And every girl knows what’s the first thing to do when it comes to her wedding it’s “choosing her bridal dress”. In every culture and nation of the world the wedding has been the most important day of a girl’s life. When the wedding days arrive every bride’s first and most important issue is the purchase of her bridal dress. She wants it to be the best dress of her lifetime and probably spends most of her time before wedding in purchasing that special dress. Well the designers and their new trends have made it very easy for a girl to choose her dress according to her physique and texture. Now designers highlight wedding dresses not just in the country but on international level by fashion shows and bridal weeks. Not only they bring great designs into the market but every dress brings a new flavor to the season.


The design of the dress is the most important thing to consider as many trends are in market. Some of such dress trends are of lehngas, shararas, ghararas and pashwaas decorated with beautiful handwork, gota, nakashi and stonework. These dresses are designed in such a way that they depict the uniqueness and beauty of bride. Some colors such as red, green, golden, silver, ferozi and pink hold their importance in wedding dresses. Many other combinations are also used. These dresses are decorated with heavy embroidery and beautiful contrasts to give a more traditional look to the brides. Lehngas are made of heavy cloth with stone work at the border and chiffon dupata fully embroidered. Some lehngas formations have mermaid flowing which gives them a more enchanting look.

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New trends of wearing long shirts with lehngas has been very in this year. These shirts are made in contrast with the lehngas, sometimes same color is also used but a contrast always gives the dress a more pretty look. Such dresses are preferred on barat while on walima functions, brides these days, prefer pashwaas that goes with chooridar pajama. Pashwas gives a very elegant look to the bride. Pashwaas are mostly made of chiffon material as it gives a very beautiful fall to the dress. The border of the dress is made very heavy with the work of embroidery or stone but in either case pashwaas gives a trendy and fashionable look to bride. These trends have been speedily growing in Pakistan, even those families who have not followed fashion trends very strictly consider that the bridal dress should not only give beautification to the bride but also be according to the latest fashion trends.

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