Can Menopause cause weight gain?

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weight gain

Female individuals get older and might observe that keeping up with their general wait is becoming more and more challenging.

Medical journals point out that most female individuals gain weight while going through this transitional stage of their life.

Weight gain due to Menopause is not unavoidable. But female individuals can only achieve it by leading a very dynamic Lifestyle to be mindful of healthy eating patterns.

The root of menopausal weight gain

The hormonal fluctuations of monopolies can make female individuals more susceptible to gain a lot of weight suddenly. The weight typically gathers around their upper thighs, hips, waist, and abdominal area. But fluctuation in hormone levels alone does not automatically mean weight gain due to Menopause. 

For instance, the muscle mass of a female individual commonly drops with age. Increasing loss of muscle mass slows down the amount at which their body utilises cal through metabolism. 

Especially while the layer of fatty tissues gets thicker and thicker, this metabolism drop can make it exponentially hard to control healthy body weight. If they carry on with their old eating habits as they always have and do not increase their physical activities. Then they are more likely to gain a lot of weight.

The heredity factor can also play a massive role in weight gain due to Menopause if their mother or other close female family members have exclusive fatty tissues around the abdominal area. Then they are probably going to have it too.

Other vital factors such as not enough sound sleep, not-so-healthy eating patterns, and lack of workout can come up with weight gain due to Menopause. Medical professionals have found out when individuals do not take enough rest; then they lean to binge on unhealthy snacks more.

Danger factors

Weight gain due to Menopause can have some harmful outcomes for women’s health. Especially extra weight around the midsection of the body can develop the threat of many health issues, involving:

? Respiratory issues

? Cholesterol

? Type 2 diabetes

? Blood vessel and heart-related issues

Extra weight also expands their threat of various kinds of cancer such as endometrial cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer and

breast cancer.

Fixing the issue

There is no overnight solution or reversing for this problem. Only sticking to a streak weight loss regime can help with menopausal weight gain.

? Physical activity

Workouts like strength training, acrobatics exercise Pilates and yoga can assist female individuals in shedding extra kg and keeping up with a healthy weight. Their bodies will burn more calories because of efficient muscle gain.

? Diet

Female individuals can also talk with a board-certified dietitian. The professionals will indeed have a vast understanding of this kind of weight-gaining issue. They will determine a nutritional yet balanced diet for the individual.

Wrapping up

Female individuals should also follow the most proven menopause advice, such as cutting off all alcoholic beverages and red meat. Also, energy drinks because of sugar-sweetened products like doughnuts, ice creams, candies, cookies, and soft drinks.

All these changes should be permanent to sustain weight loss.

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