Trendy Updos for Short Hair

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Trendy Updos for Short Hair

Trendy Updos for Short Hair
Trendy Updos for Short Hair

There was a time when only long hairs were trendy and stylish but now short hair are the new vibe. They are not only trendy and sassy but also highlight your most prominent features and give you a sporty care free look. Unlike long hair, having short hair gives you the chance to experiment with new hairstyles and change your look pretty easily, which is why we have selected some of the great updos that can be tried on short hair. Updos can be for formal events or for casual outings, depending on how you want to look. All you need is the will to create something unique, a hairspray and a lot of bobby pins and you are all set to accomplish the task ahead. Here are a few trendy updos for short hair.

1. The messy bun:The messy bun 01

start off with curling your hair. Roll up your hair, making sure not to mess up the curls and secure them in a ponytail. Take the curls individually and roll them roughly around the ponytail. Use bobby pins to secure the curls. You can add glitter to one or two curls to add a bit of spice to the updo. Spray your hair generously with hairspray to add the final touch.

2. Easy updo with elastic band:Easy updo with elastic band 00

tousle your hair with your hands and then place a hair band on your head. Use a band matching your hair colour so that it doesn’t show from underneath. Roll the hair on the nape of your neck around the hair band. Make sure you twist them around the band at the bottom of your neck. Use bobby pins and hair spray if required.

3. 60’s updo:. 60’s updo 01

This updo requires a lot of backcombing. Backcomb your hair as much as you can and then hairspray them. If you have bangs then part them sideways and gather the rest hair at the top of your head. Secure them using dozens of bobby pins and hairspray. You can also all a tiara of a flower to enhance the look further.

4. The side sweep:The side sweep 01

this look works best on wet or damp hair. Use volume mousse on your wet hair and untangle them using your fingers. Avoid using a comb as the look has to be a bit messy and wavy. Part your hair sideways and sweep them on the side having the greater portion of the partition. Twist the hair on the other side and secure it using bobby pin. This is one of the famous red carpet look. It makes your look exceptionally sexy and sassy. With the right outfit this look will certainly make you the centre of attention.

Other then these there are plenty of other unique updos available for short hair. You can also use your imagination to come up with a unique yet alluringly sexy updo on your own. Using hair accessory will enhance the look ten folds and who knows you might set a new trendy among your friends and family.

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