Home Remedies for Nails Care

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Home Remedies for Nails Care

Home Remedies for Nails Care
Home Remedies for Nails Care

Finger nails also known as toenails are very important parts of our body attached with hands and feet that is why they need perfect  concerning. Healthy, shiny and hygienic nails furnish the appearance of our fingers and hands. Most importantly, nails play a key role in protection against numerous issues of health care affected by different germs such as bacteria. By  ollowing some home remedies, nails can be healthy and beautiful.

¤ Massage your nails with the cotton dipped in fresh lemon juice and wash them after a short while to strengthen your nails.

¤ Using olive oil daily on your nails is wonderfully helpful. Olive oil is one of the best home remedy traditionally used.

¤ Shape your nails in straight line, not curved. Wrong cutting or trimming might cause splitting up nails at corners.

¤ Squeeze a fresh lemon to get 1 table spoon juice in a normal water cup and put your all finger nails for about fifteen minutes. Clean your nails with warm water and apply moisturizer. This tip will assist you to get rid of bad spots on nails.

¤ Put your nails in the comfortable warm olive oil only for fifteen minutes to harden your finger and feet nails.

¤ Dip your nails daily in lukewarm mustard oil for the duration of eight minutes and rinse gradually to make sure normal blood circulation.

¤ Keep wearing mitts of organic cotton in order to absorb perspiration. This will also protect against infection caused by germs.

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