Mehndi Designs For special Occasions

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Mehndi Designs For special Occasions

Mehndi Designs For special Occasions
Mehndi Designs For special Occasions

Mehndi is one of the most popular ingredients of our culture. Although mehndi is worn in every part of the world, but it is particularly related with the culture of India and Pakistan. Its traditional use started back from sub-continent when the two countries were considered one before partition. Beyond doubt, the most popular use of mehndi is seen on weddings. No bride is ever complete without mehndi. With extended use, brides have started putting on mehndi on arms, feet and even beyond, but no bride in India and Pakistan is ever seen without mehndi on her hands. Even if she puts a single circle in the middle of the hand (commonly known as gol tikka), but she has to get some form of mehndi or other. Complete booklets are available with mehndi designs for the brides. Special mehndi professionals are trained who put exceptional mehndi designs. Every beauty parlor also has a specialist who is trained with intricate mehndi designs.Mehndi Designs For special Occasions 01

On weddings, not only the bride gets the mehndi, but every young and old girl in the family has to put on mehndi. A wedding in the family is a special event and no girl or lady in the family is ready without wearing mehndi on hands at least. Separate mehndi functions are arranged with almost all the weddings, and this festive occasion is all about wearing and enjoying mehndi celebrations. It is an occasion of great fun and enjoyment; combined with the pleasures of food, music, dancing and of course mehndi too. The second most popular occasion when we see everyone putting on mehndi is Eid-ul-Fitr (which is lovingly remembered as Choti Eid). The sale of mehndi goes to the highest of the year near this Eid. Everyone has to purchase mehndi because almost all the girls are fond of putting on mehndi on this religious occasion. It is marked by the religious fervor of Ramadan and everyone is ready to celebrate.Mehndi Designs For special Occasions 02

Preparations continue throughout Ramadan, and purchase of mehndi is one important part of it. Other famous use of mehndi is seen by elderly woman as a head colorant. Back in the days when hair colors and dyes were not available, or not so popular because of expense factor, every woman in Pakistan and India used to put on mehndi in order to dye their white hair.The use of mehndi as a hair colorant continues till date, largely because of the side effects of artificial hair colorants; yet there has been a significant fall in this trend as the generations pass by. Separate mehndi is available for coloring the hair, other than the one that is used for putting mehndi on hands. Other popular occasions when mehndi is worn include Eid-ul-Azha and other functions like weddings and meelads. The functions which are celebrated because of religious motivations see popular use of mehndi. College festivals and ladies’ get-togethers also call for standing out of the crowd by putting on mehndi.Mehndi Designs For special Occasions 07

The use of mehndi goes on around the year and is not limited to any occasion. Girls who like to put on mehndi are fond of wearing it around the year and do not wait for any particular occasion. Also if someone is practicing mehndi designs, then they keep wearing it whenever they can. It is an integral part of our society’s culture.

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