Trend of Mehndi Designs with Outline

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Trend of Mehndi Designs with Outline

Trend of Mehndi Designs with Outline
Trend of Mehndi Designs with Outline

Mehndi has been a part of our culture since ages and a lot of variations are coming in mehndi designs and fashion trends. Like it or not, mehndi is going to stay in fashion forever. No matter how drastic are the cultural changes that we undergo, but this part is never going to change; it is not just limited to wedding season and eid, but their sales continue the year around!Trend of Mehndi Designs with Outline 11

There have been a lot of changes in the bridal mehndi designs with new features popping up every year. One of the latest amendments in mehndi designs that we have witnessed in past couple of years is the trend of mehndi designs with outline. First, we saw the trend of mehndi designs with outline in mehndi design booklets with black outline. It caught up like a wildfire and its use spread throughout the country. Every other bride was seen wearing this mehndi design with outline. As this mehndi design with outline became famous, the outlines started appearing in different colors other than the black as well.Trend of Mehndi Designs with Outline 12

At first, the trend started from Karachi, and throughout Pakistan, the outline mehndi was ordered from Karachi so that it can be combined with traditional mehndi designs. But now manufacturers are producing it everywhere because these are one of the hottest selling items. There are two methods of using mehndi designs with outline. First is to draw the design with black outline such that the borders are created first. Then it is advisable to wait a little, so that it dries out and does not blend with the other mehndi. Later, upon drying up, the traditional mehndi is filled inside the borders of black outline. The other method is to draw the design with traditional brown/maroon mehndi and then upon drawing up, black outline is drawn as a border. This creates a beautiful design and it looks absolutely amazing with the colored border.Trend of Mehndi Designs with Outline 13

This trend of mehndi designs with outline looks especially beautiful when the color of inside mehndi is dark and fresh. The color of outline mehndi comes out very beautiful and is quite rapid. However, it also fades away quicker than the regular mehndi leaving out a blurred design without the outline. A point of caution that should be observed by all ladies is that very strong chemicals are used in outline mehndi which can cause severe reactions on sensitive skin. So girls who have experienced adverse reactions to chemical products should be cautious about using such types of mehndi outlines. Although the use of such outline designs is not confined to weddings only but we see them mainly in bridal designs and on weddings. Separate mehndi booklets are available that contain designs of mehndi with outline.Trend of Mehndi Designs with Outline 14

If you are going to wear mehndi design with outline on your own wedding or on a wedding from someone of your family, you should get the design from a professional person lest you smudge it badly giving a disastrous look. Many mehndi experts and beauty parlors specialize in this kind of mehndi outlines. You can check many mehndi designs with outline on the internet too.

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