Mesmerizing Abaya Designs for Young Girls

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Mesmerizing Abaya Designs for Young Girls

Mesmerizing Abaya Designs for Young Girls
Mesmerizing Abaya Designs for Young Girls

The trend of wearing abaya is not very common among young girls in Pakistan. Only when girls grow up to college age or university level are they asked by their parents to observe covering veils and abaya to cover themselves properly. But whenever you see any young girl wearing an abaya, it is surely going to be head turner. The sight is especially very common among young girls who visit Saudia Arabia for performing Hajj or Umrah. They look so cute and elegant that no one can resist praising their innocence, beauty and charm in this elegant dress.Mesmerizing Abaya Designs for Young Girls 11

After the girls attain puberty, it is mandatory for them to wear abaya in Saudia Arabia; this is not the case in Pakistan but there are still some religious minded families who insist their young girls to observe rituals of veil and abaya from young age. in old times, mesmerizing abaya designs for young girls were only restricted to plain black abaya with no or very little embellishment but a lot has changed with time, and so have the trends for kids’ abaya. Now a lot of colors and printed stuff is being used for kids’ abaya. Perhaps the most famous style of kids’ abaya is A-line style that is tight from the top and extends like a huge frock from the bottom. Young girls are comfortable with this style because it is stylish and also it gives them ample space to run around without tearing the abaya apart.Mesmerizing Abaya Designs for Young Girls 12

Religious motivations are the most common ones in wearing abaya among kids. Mostly young girls are asked for wear abaya while they are commuting to school or going to markets. A lot of embellishments and colorful designs have started appearing in the abaya trends for young girls. But still, the plain black abaya is the most common among girls who wear it for going to schools and colleges. It is a typical scene that whenever the bill rings for closing time of school and college, girls rushing out of the school and college gates are mostly wearing abayas.Mesmerizing Abaya Designs for Young Girls 13

The trend of wearing abaya in young girls across Pakistan is mostly dominant in rural and sub-urban areas, and the trend is less common in urban and civilized localities. This is generally because the inclination towards religion is found more in villages. In different countries, different color trends are popular. However black remains the most dominant ones. In recent times, another trend which has gained popularity is double sided abaya for young girls.Mesmerizing Abaya Designs for Young Girls 14

They can have different prints on both sides, so that any side can be worn according to the place where they are going. This also gives variety and variation to the simple abaya that they are wearing. Trends of abaya wearing in the young girl are also on the rise. This is largely because of the prints, colors, designs and variations that are featuring in abaya. More and more people are embracing abaya as a trend or for religious motivations. Markets are also introducing more sizes for young girls.

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