NOWA Shaper – A Must Have Elegant & Stylish Hybrid Smart Watch

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Collecting unique and stylish watches is my hobby. So whenever something new, eye-catching or fascinating is introduced in the watch industry I am always one of the first ones to order. Same is the case with Nowa Smart watches. Their latest addition Nowa Shaper is a real beauty. Once I had a look into the design and elegance in its simplicity I got impressed. But when going through the details I came to know how much functions its offering I couldn’t resist but to order one for myself.

In case you also got this craze of keeping amazing watches in your collection. Or you are looking for one watch that got everything for your from time management to activity and sleep tracking then NOWA Shaper will be the best choice. This elegant smart watch collection from NOWA with its indigo signature color will take you to some other world. I am sure it will look fabulous on your wrist.

As I already mentioned its a hybrid smart watch. Looks like a classic, elegant looking watch but got all the smart watch functions plus some additional ones for you. Shaper can be your perfect companion for travelling this summer with its world time update. Plus it also has activity & sleep tracking. So when elegance, durability , smartness and functionality comes together the result it NOWA Shaper.

At the moment its in pre order phase and I have already booked mine. Don’t waste time and Pre-order Now on Indiegogo

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