Wearing scarf in Islam

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Wearing scarf in Islam

Wearing scarf in Islam
Wearing scarf in Islam

Muslim women all over the world cover their bodies properly wearing Abaya according to the teachings of their religion. The head is covered with a scarf. A woman covering herself in a good and proper way is always looked at respectfully by everyone at any social gathering that she attends. This is because her dressing is modest and simple. Even young girls today like to wear scarves on their heads when they go to college and universities. The head scarf is available in all colors and so you can wear it even if you do not wear Abaya. This is because it is a very common trend to cover head with a scarf matching your casual clothes. Some women agree to wear the normal clothes as long as they cover the entire body and do not reveal arms or other parts. You can wear the head scarf in different styles mentioned below.

The scarf ends can be pinned in such a way that one of them is longer than the other. The long end can be flipped over the shoulder leaving the shorter one in front.

If your hair is long and even after wearing the scarf some of it can be seen, then you can roll them in a bun and then wear the scarf. So this was about wearing scarf in Islam.


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