How to make coffee without a machine using coffee pods

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There are several benefits of using Coffee pods to make coffee. Its easy to make coffee with Coffee pods as these are already been ground, measured out and tamped for optimal extraction.Pods made coffee stays fresher for longer time. And no issue of cleaning things after making and taking coffee. And no more grinding coffee, so time saving and money saving as well. And now we are also writing down the method of making coffee without machine. So that you don’t even have to use machine either.

First of all place a pod in your coffee mug. It depends on the pod you got, but with most of the pods you can easily take it out from the packaging and drop it into the cup. You can buy coffee pods online. All the best nespresso coffee pods can be bought online easily.

Now you can boil water and slowly pour it into the mug. Keep on pouring until only around only half an inch from the top is left.Pouring it slowly is the key.

Now give pods some time to soak into the water. Normally these pods will soak easily. And in case they start to float on the top, you can use a spoon to keep it under the water so that it can help the process. You have to give special attention to this step as your coffee totally depends on this one.

After leaving the pods i the water for a few minutes you can remove these pods from the cup and enjoy your coffee. What kind of coffee you want to have depends on the amount of time you have kept the pods in the cup. Keeping it less than a couple of minutes wont do good and result in weak coffee. Up to 4 minutes will result in a normal coffee. And in case you like it strong keep it for 5 to 6 minutes.

So here it is, the easiest way to make coffee without any grinder, machine, beater of anything else.

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