Traditional Round Tikki style Mehndi design

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Traditional Round Tikki style Mehndi design

Traditional Round Tikki style Mehndi design

The Mehndi is the traditional norm in different cultures. The Mehndi is the application of the henna on the hands, arms, feet, etc. in the form of varied styles and designs. Its application is famous in Pakistan, India, Arab countries, Africa and the middle east. It is not less than any tradition which has been carried out for centuries. The Mehndi is made from dried leaves of henna which imparts a peculiar color to your body on its application. Basically, the Mehndi is applied on different traditional occasions like weddings, Eid, Holi, Dewali, parties, etc. But girls can also apply it any time they like.

Round Mahndi Design:

Traditional Round Tikki style Mehndi design

There are different styles of Mehndi designs, in which round Mehndi designs are in fashion. In the past, complicated and dense patterns of Mehndi were preferred by the girls. But nowadays, round Tikki Mehndi designs are more famous among girls. They are not only simple, but also easy to apply on hands. Round Tikki Mehndi design is best for those girls who want to apply Mehndi in normal days also. This style is also very popular among brides because they want to look traditional on their wedding day.

Variations with embellishements:

Traditional Round Tikki style Mehndi design

The round Mehndi design can be embellished with shading of different colors. Some girls also use different colors of glitters within the Mehndi designs. Black Mehndi is also used to outline the design of the Mehndi to give it an attractive look. There are also sticker Mehndi available for instant use. These sticker round Mehndi designs are available in different colors.

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